Made Young Face Contouring

Cheekbone Reduction


Ultra-tight screw fixation prevents sagging cheeks and ensures the integrity of the treatment.


Achieve a more defined reduction by targeting both the side and 45-degree angles simultaneously.


Combine zygomatic reduction with lifting for sleek, sag-free facial contours.

Cheekbones wide apart due to nonunion after typical cheekbone reduction.
Cheekbones tightly attached after Made Young Cheekbone Reduction.

The key to cheekbone reduction surgery is correct osteotomy and accurate fixation.

If the space between the cheekbone and the bone is not properly fixed during cheek reduction surgery, side effects such as nonunion, cheek sagging, and bone resorption may occur.

Made Young’s ultra-close cheek reduction surgery minimizes bone gaps by maximizing contact between the cut surfaces of the cheekbones. For accurate fixation, ultra-tight fixation is performed anteriorly and posteriorly.

Why choose Made Young Cheekbone Reduction?


Unrivaled Fixation

No need to worry about nonunion after surgery as it is fixed ultra-tightly to prevent any gaps between the cheekbones and the bone.


Cheek liposuction and Lifting

Minimize skin sagging after surgery with cheekbone liposuction and contour lifting with upward fixation at the same time.


Overall Cheekbone Reduction

By reducing the sides and cheekbones at 45 degrees, you can achieve a more defined reduction effect and form a smoother contour.

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The key points Cheekbone Reduction surgery

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Unrivaled Fixation

  • Precise osteotomy.
  • Stable bone contact.
  • Super tight fixation.

To avoid nonunion and cheek sagging post-op, Made Young tightly secures the front and side cheekbones with ultra-close fixation, ensuring no gaps remain.

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Cheekbone Liposuction + Lifting

Cheekbone Liposuction
Contour Lifting for Upward Fixation

To prevent cheek sagging, which is the most common concern after face contouring surgery, cheekbone liposuction, and contour lifting are performed together with cheekbone surgery, resulting in a smooth contour line without sagging cheeks.

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Customized Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Screw Fixation vs. Metal-Free

Made Young screw-fixed face contouring surgery.


Made Young screwless, metal-free face contouring surgery.

*Actual cases of Made Young Cheekbone Reduction Surgery.

Made Young specializes in facial contouring cheekbone reduction, offering both screw-fixed, and screwless metal-free methods. Using 3D-CT imaging for precise diagnostics and thorough consultations, we recommend the optimal surgery tailored to each individual’s cheekbone prominence, overall facial balance, and skin considerations.

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See the results of your successful surgery by looking at the CT scan.

Although appearance is important after facial contouring surgery, it is more important to check the condition of the operated bone.

“At Made Young, we confidently confirm the results of the surgery through 3D-CT scans after contouring surgery.”
1. Actual Case of Face Contouring Surgery
2. Actual Case of Face Contouring Surgery
surgery time
One hour.
general anesthesia.
Same-day discharge.
Stitch removal
After five days.
recovery period
About one week.

For face contouring surgery, an accurate diagnosis is crucial.