Made young Rhinoplasty

MADE YOUNG revision rhinoplasty


A beautiful nose contour that looks gorgeous yet natural.


Robust and accurate cartilage fixation with precise technology.


A strong support structure formed with longevity and stability.

surgery time
About four hours.
general anesthesia.
Same-day discharge.
Stitch removal
After five days.
recovery period
About one week.
Even with the ‘same ingredients’
results vary depending on the skills of the medical staff.

revision Rhinoplasty surgery using autologous costal cartilage

before surgery
after surgery
before surgery
after surgery

*Actual case of autologous costal cartilage rhinoplasty revision.
**Surgery results may vary depending on individual conditions.

Abundant / Strong / Durable

The Advantages of autologous costal cartilage



Compared to other autologous tissues, the amount that can be collected is larger, allowing for a sharper nose shape.



It has the strongest support among autologous tissues, allowing you to maintain a beautiful nose shape that does not change over time.



Because autologous costal cartilage is durable, it can form a strong nasal pillar and support structure.



Autologous tissue, not artificial implants, can reduce the possibility of foreign body sensation, inflammation, and side effects.

The pride of Made Young Plastic Surgery!

Key points of autologous costal cartilage

01. Sufficient cartilage harvested with minimal incision.
02. Delicate and precise suturing of the perichondrium.
03. Robust and accurate cartilage fixation.
04. Plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience.

Artistic / Experienced / Modern

Why is the technical skill of the surgeon important?

Satisfaction hinges on advanced surgical techniques, ample experience, and the expertise to finely sculpt harvested cartilage to fit each individual’s unique proportions.



Rich surgical experience and industry know-how.


how is it done?

Made Young revision rhinoplasty surgical procedure

step 01

Costal Cartilage Harvested

Autologous costal cartilage is harvested through minimal incision as needed.

step 02

Precise Costal Cartilage Trimming

The costal cartilage is designed to the optimal shape to suit the shape of the patient’s nose.

step 03

Costal Cartilage Insertion

The costal cartilage is shaped to seamlessly match the nose design and anchored securely in place.

step 04

Sharp Nose Contour

The most beautiful and sharp nose contour is created for each individual.

when and why?

Made Young Revision Rhinoplasty is Required if:

There is no autologous cartilage to use due to repeated rhinoplasty procedures.

Your nose is small and short.

You want an elegant nose contour.

The nose is shortened due to the contracture phenomenon.

This is your first surgery but your nasal septum cartilage is minimal.

Anesthesiology and pain medicine specialists in residence – your safety is our top priority.

  • Anesthesiology and pain medicine specialists are always present.
  • systematic safety system.
  • 1:1 dedicated anesthesia system.
  • Advanced safety equipment.

At Made Young Plastic Surgery, an anesthesiology specialist assesses the patient’s condition prior to surgery and employs a real-time 1:1 monitoring system until completion, ensuring a safer surgical experience.

Considering beauty and safety

3D-CT precise analysis system

Made Young Plastic Surgery uses an advanced 3D-CT precision analysis system to establish a more accurate surgical plan. It three-dimensionally analyzes the size and shape of the nasal bone, the structure and size of the nasal septum, as well any asymmetries which cannot be confirmed with the naked eye.

Degree of Angle and Nasal Septum Deviation

By checking various symptoms, such as the condition of the nasal bone or cartilage and septum deviation, we can improve not only the cosmetic, but also the functional aspect of the surgery plan.

Analyzes Size and Shape of the Nasal Bones

By accurately analyzing the size and shape of the nasal bone and the condition of the septal cartilage before surgery, a more detailed surgical plan can be established.