Made young Men’s Thread Lift

Unique skin requiring specialized care.

Lifting Solutions Tailored to Men’s Skin

Made Young Men’s Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft

(x4 threads)

Silhouette Fix

(x4 threads)

Brightening Injection (3CC)

Improve your facial contour and skin texture simultaneously.

Since men’s skin is thicker and their skin, blood vessels, and soft tissues differ from women’s, lifting procedures should be specifically customized for men.

women’s skin thickness

Average 1.2mm

Men’s Skin Thickness

Average 1.5mm

For Men, Well-Defined Lines are Key

Invest just one day in Made Young to rejuvenate your appearance with stylish contours and a youthful look.

Correct an aged appearance caused by sagging skin.
Eliminate excessive facial fat that contributes to a dull appearance.
Soften an angular chin for a less severe appearance.
Replenishing lost volume can revitalize a lackluster appearance.


Recommended for:

01. Those who want to restore their jaw line and face line.

02. People whose skin wrinkles become darker as they age.

03. Those who are concerned about a thick double-chin.

04. People who do not want to visit the hospital multiple times.

05. Those who want to achieve excellent results with a short investment of time.


Differences to Existing Thread Lifting Techniques


Treatment Area


Silhouette Soft + Silhouette Fix Effect

We also have package solutions to address men’s aesthetic concerns in one go.

Package Solution

One-day face remodeling for Men

Silhouette Soft
  • Lifting
  • Volume relocation
wrinkle botox
  • Upper face
  • Wrinkle improvement
Rejuran Healer
  • Reduces sebum and dead skin cells
  • Shrinks pores
Made Young Skin Injection
  • Increase elasticity
  • Improve damaged skin


Lifting: Leave it to the Professional.

Director Park Soo-yeon, a lifting specialist.

  • Made Young’s Key Lifting Doctor
  • Holds black label and blue label from Silhouette Soft manufacturer.
  • Experienced more than 10,000 lifting procedures.
  • Co-author of ‘Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery’.
  • Advisory member of the Korean Lifting Research Association.
Lifting may seem simple, but the efficacy of results depends greatly on the experience and know-how of the medical staff.