Lifting from forehead to eyes at once

Madeyoung non-incision forehead lifting

Forehead lifting

MADEYOUNG plastic surgery

Non-incision forehead lifting is possible without surgery

Eyes and forehead with non-incision
“Lifting at the same time!”

For this reason, are you worried?

  • Eyes that look droopy and stuffy
  • Wrinkles caused by sagging forehead
  • Narrower distance between eyebrows and eyes
  • A gloomy impression due to eyebrow asymmetry

With #non-incision forehead lifting

Made Young’s unique technology

Uplift your forehead and eyes at the same time!

using melting thread

Non-incision method without worrying about scars!

Quickly and easily within 30 minutes,

Immediately return to daily life ok!

#forehead wrinkles

#Droopy eyelids

#Drooping eye corners

at once
Because improvement is possible!

Non-incision forehead lifting

Want cool and clear eyes
From 2030!


Double eyelid surgery, complete with bigger, cooler eyes without eye correction

Are you concerned about sagging forehead and eyelids due to aging?
Up to 4070!


Improves forehead, eyelid sagging and wrinkles at the same time

Attractive cat-like eyes with eye-tail lifting!

This image was created to aid understanding.
01. Lift saggy eye corners and eyebrows at the same time!
02. From droopy eyes to attractive cat-like eyes!
03. Transform your eyes into the shape you want and improve sagging eyes!

Lifting, Made Young Why you should choose!

1. Plastic surgeon with the most experience in lifting procedures
2. Lifting Key Doctor Director Park Soo-yeon
3. Highly satisfying results with 1:1 customized treatment
4. 1:1 anesthesia system with three anesthesiologists and pain medicine specialists
4. Thorough 1:1 follow-up management system

“Focus only on lifting/during”

plastic surgery specialist
Director Park Soo-Yeon

01. Medical staff with the highest number of lifting surgeries

01. Lifting Key Doctor Director Park Soo-Yeon

01. 1:1 dedicated responsibility system from consultation to surgery and progress

  • plastic surgery specialist
  • Plastic surgery specialist at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University of Korea
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Craniofacial Plastic Surgery
  • (Former) Director of Litting Plastic Surgery