Made Young

Sub-brow LIFT

Bright, large eyes with results that look natural and unnoticeable.

Surgery Time
Approximately two hours.

Anesthesia Method
Sedative anesthesia.

Same-day discharge.

Stitch Removal
After two weeks.

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What is Sub-brow Lift surgery?

This procedure involves an incision beneath the eyebrows to tighten lax skin and muscles, and is especially effective for severe sagging as it allows for the removal of excess skin in the brow area.

Why the Made Young Sub-brow Lift?


Achieve Flawless, Natural Eyes

The incision is made under the eyebrows, so the scar is not visible. It leaves the thin skin under the eyelids and removes only the thick skin under the eyebrows, creating a more natural-looking eye look.


Clear Eyes for a Long Time

At Made Young, not only sagging skin but also muscles are removed and firmly fixed to the bone membrane, allowing you to maintain clear eyes for a long time.


Unique Eyes Tailored for You

When performing sub-brow lift surgery, the double eyelid line can be corrected without incisions. If double eyelids are not desired, then drooping eyes can be corrected while maintaining double eyelids.

*Image created to aid understanding.
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I am young but

isn’t sub-brow lift surgery for middle-aged people?


Not at all.

Sagging eyelids may stem from aging or lifestyle habits, making this surgery beneficial not only for middle-aged individuals but also for those in their 20s and 30s experiencing droopy eyelids.

regardless of gender or age

Achieve Naturally Clear Eyes
Made Young Sub-brow Lift Surgery

Surgery Cases for People in Their 20s and 30s


After Two Weeks

For eyes that look small even though with double eyelids.

For eyes that look droopy due to the double eyelid line being obscured.

Surgical Case for Middle-Aged People


After One Month

Correction of droopy eyelids without stress.

Naturally improves only sagging areas without changing the double eyelid line.

Made Young Sub-brow Lift Surgery Method

After the line design, an incision is made in the area below the eyebrows.
After removing the sagging skin and muscles, we pull it up and fix it.
Delicately sutures the skin that’s been pulled upwards.
Corrected saggy and wrinkled eyelids to create younger-looking eyes.
Check before surgery

Improve sagging eyelids

The medical staff’s Expertise is crucial

Eye Plastic Surgery Specialist

Director Park Byeong-chan

Eye Plastic Surgery Specialist

Director Jang-nam

There are many ways to improve sagging eyelids

But finding the surgical method that is right for you depends on the skills of the medical staff.

solution 01

Distance between eyes and eyebrows.

solution 02

Analysis of skin tissue.

solution 03

Degree of drooping of the eyelids.
At Made Young, we have over 10 years of experience.

A dedicated eye plastic surgeon will consider all individual characteristics and suggest a surgical method that is right for you.

Just like Your eyes original Eyes

The Effects of Made Young Sub-brow Lift Surgery

Natural eyes with no scars

Youthful effect with clear eyes

Improvement of functional problems caused by sagging

maintains individuality without Altering Your Overall image


Recommended for:

  • People who have droopy eyelids due to eye irritation or the habit of rubbing their eyes.
  • Those with saggy eyelids due to continuous use of double eyelid tape/fluid.
  • Those who have saggy eyelids due to loosening after double eyelid surgery.
  • Those who have sagging skin from the forehead to the eyelids due to aging.
  • Those who have impaired vision due to sagging eyes.
Definite Results

Made Young Sub-brow Lift

Before & After


After One month


After One month


After One month

*This is an actual case of Made Young surgery.
**Surgery results may vary depending on individual conditions.