Made Young Face Contouring

V-Line Surgery


Chosen method based on the type of chin contour.


Smoothly resects edges to prevent double angles and steps for a seamless result.


Precise surgery without concern of nerve damage.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to our V-Line Surgery.

long chin
wide chin

Made Young V-Line Surgery is performed on a wide range of chin types.

Therefore, the applied surgical method must be customized depending on the chin tip of each individual.

Why Choose Made Young V-Line Surgery?

Made Young crafts a flawless V-line chin by considering chin length, position, width, nerve line location, and the nuances of skin and soft tissue, eliminating concerns of unwanted angles.


Extension/reduction of chin length.


Chin tip moved forward/backward.


Prevents tooth nerve damage.


Improves sleep apnea and snoring.


Boosts chin muscle, prevents sagging skin.


Prevention of bone resorption and nonunion.

Made Young V-Line Surgery Method

The chosen surgical method depends on the individual’s chin type.
Fusiform Osteotomy
Chin Extension Surgery
Chin Osteotomy + Resection

*This is a CT of an actual case of Made Young V-Line Surgery.
**Surgery results may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Customized surgery, not a one-size-fits all approach.

We Specialize in Face Contouring

“Facial contouring isn’t just about shaving bones; it’s a complex procedure that demands analysis of facial structure, soft tissues, nerve lines, and fat thickness, followed by a tailored surgical approach.

At Made Young, we believe screw fixation should be used minimally and only when necessary. We don’t rely on a single technique; instead, we offer personalized treatments with surgical methods tailored to each individual’s facial structure.”

Director Seo Beom-shin

Face Contouring and Plastic Surgery Specialist

Considering beauty and safety

3D-CT Precise Analysis System

Through precise 3D-CT analysis before surgery, the size, thickness, length, and location of nerve lines in the facial bones are precisely analyzed to produce more complete surgical results.


3D-CT Stereoscopic Precision Analysis

Precise analysis of the location of facial bones and nerve lines.


Safe and Accurate Surgical Plan

Predict postoperative results and establish an accurate surgical plan.


Post-Surgery CT Analysis

CT scan after surgery to analyze results and confirm a successful surgery.

Made Young V-Line Surgery is Recommended for:

01. When the tip of the chin is too long or short.

02. If the tip of the chin is wide and blunt.

03. Cases of jutting chin and protruding chin tip.

04. When the border between the chin and neck is unclear.

05. If you have a low nerve tone.