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What is ptosis correction?

sleepy looking eyes

Eye exposure of less than 70%.


normal eyes

Over 80-90% eye exposure.


Just because your eyes look sleepy and tired does not mean you have ptosis.


True ptosis

Ptosis Correction Required

True ptosis, which occurs due to severe weakness in the muscles that open the eyes, requires eye correction.



Ptosis Correction Not Required

If eye-opening muscles are normal but lids droop, resembling ptosis, it’s pseudoptosis—treatable with double eyelid surgery alone.

At Made Young Plastic Surgery, we do not recommend unnecessary surgeries and only recommend methods that will provide maximum results with the minimum amount of surgery.

Non-incision Ptosis Correction

  • If your eyelids are thin.
  • If the degree of eye sagging is mild.
  • If there is little eyelid fat.

Incision Ptosis Correction

  • If your eyelids are thick.
  • If the degree of eye sagging is severe.
  • If you have a lot of eyelid fat.

Made young eye surgery: Maximum effect with minimal Incisions

dedicated medical staff

1:1 customized care by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Individually-tailored counseling

1:1 detailed analysis and consultation tailored to individual needs.

Years of Combined surgical experience

Plastic surgeons with abundant surgical experience and industry know-how.

If you want cool and clear eyes.

Made Young Ptosis Correction:
key points


Minimize scars

Delicate technology minimizes tissue damage, so scars are almost invisible even when your eyes are closed after surgery.


image improvement

By solving the problem of the eye-opening muscles, the image is smoothly improved by eliminating the use of the eyebrows and forehead.


Medical staff with aesthetic sense

A dedicated oculoplastic medical staff with many years of surgical experience and aesthetic sensibility will help you find the most beautiful eyes.


1:1 custom eye surgery

Rather than insisting on one type of eyelid surgery, we will consider the proportions of each individual’s face and find the length and angle of the most beautiful eyes.


Complete Eye Plastic Surgery Solutions

double eyelid

A surgical method that creates a natural and clear double eyelid line to create large, clear eyes

Ptosis correction

A surgical method to make eyes that look sleepy and stuffy due to weak eye-opening muscles become bigger and fresher


A surgical method that creates cooler, softer eyes by adjusting the horizontal length and angle of the eyes.

Made Young Plastic Surgery customizes double eyelid lines and eye width for each individual, considering facial proportions, eyelid sagging, eye-opening muscle strength, degree of eye exposure, and the eye corner angle.