Made young Forehead Lift

From the forehead to the eyebrows and eyes

A sagging forehead is caused by the narrowed distance between the eyebrows and the eyes.

*This is a virtual image created to aid understanding.

Decreased skin elasticity in the forehead can lead to sagging and wrinkles, causing the space between the brows and eyes to narrow, along with drooping brows and lids, resulting in a congested eye appearance.


Improve sagging eyelids

ways to improve sagging eyelids

Finding the surgical method that is right for you:

solution 01

Distance between eyes and eyebrows.

solution 02

Analysis of skin tissue.

solution 03

Degree of drooping of the eyelids.

Over Ten Years of Eye Surgery Experience

Made Young’s dedicated eye plastic surgery staff takes into account each individual’s characteristics and suggests the right surgical method for you.


Endotine, a powerful Fixer used in forehead lifts

Endotine is used for anchoring soft tissue during aesthetic surgery using small, bioabsorbable tines to reduce the tissue strain.

Be Sure to Check Authenticity

Genuine Endotine products pass through all of the exfoliated tissue, enabling stronger fixation and increased longevity. At Made Young, we only ever use genuine Endotine products.

multiple projections

Five protrusions are anchored at multiple points to ensure secure fixation.

Strong support

Stably fixes skin tissue in the desired position.

curved finish

Reduces tissue damage due to soft edges.

Use of genuine Endotine

Certificate of Authenticity

Made Young uses only 100% genuine Endotine, certified by the U.S. FDA and the Korean Food and Drug Administration.

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What are the Effects of an Endoscopic Forehead Lift?

wrinkle improvement
Forehead, between eyebrows

Improved sagging
eyebrows and eyelids

distance improvement
Between eyebrows and eyes

It is an effective surgery not only for middle-aged people, but also for those in their 20s and 30s.




After One Week

Small eyes even with double eyelids.

A stuffy, congested look because the distance between their eyes and eyebrows is too close.




After Two Weeks

Older look due to sagging around the forehead/eyelids.

Severe wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Criteria for selecting a forehead lift Doctor



solid periosteal fixation

Tighten and anchor the stretched muscles and skin to the periosteum, then suture for a secure hold.


Precise and wide peeling range

Utilizing a FULL HD endoscope for precise and accurate peeling over a wide area.


Essential corrugator muscle resection

By removing the corrugator muscle, which causes eyebrow drooping, we simultaneously address droopy brows and frown lines.

*Some side effects such as unexpected inflammation, bleeding, and infection may occur after surgery.


Made young Precision Analysis System

The nerve lines are first analyzed through 3D-CT imaging before surgery. Then the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles are accurately dissected through a FULL HD endoscope during surgery to maximize safety and lifting effect.

3D-CT scan
full hd endoscope

Incision Method to Prevent Hair Loss and Root Damage

Identify Hair Root Direction

Prevents hair root damage by accurately identifying the direction in which the hair grows.

45-Degree Incision

Diagonal incisions prevent hair root damage and allow hair to grow normally.

No worries, NO SCARS

Made Young’s expertise is evident in the precision of our incision techniques.


After One Week

After Two Weeks

After One Month

* This is an actual case of Made Young’s surgery.
**Surgery results may vary depending on individual conditions.

Forehead Lift Surgery is Recommended if:
  • You have severe wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.
  • Your eyes look stuffy even after eye surgery.
  • The distance between eyebrows and eyes is narrow.
  • Presbyopia appears due to sagging eyebrows