Quick lifting effect without incision

Madeyoung Thread Lifting

thread lifting

Skin elasticity gradually decreases and wrinkles become deeper

Quick lifting effect When do you miss me?

Thread lifting is a procedure that improves facial sagging and wrinkles using threads that are harmless to the human body.

Sagging jawline and double chin improvement

Smooth contour line by lifting sagging cheeks and sagging jawline

Non-incision method without worrying about scars

Fast recovery without worrying about scars due to the non-incision method

Wrinkle improvement and collagen production

Improves skin elasticity by improving wrinkles and producing collagen

Use of soluble thread that is harmless to the human body

Use of soluble thread (PDO) that is harmless to the human body!

Thread lifting custom solution


Thread type according to area and symptoms

Create sagging skin and wrinkle outline lines by applying the appropriate thread type according to the area of ​​concern, such as contour line, skin sagging, thickness, and age.


Pulling direction and appropriate force control

Since pulling sagging skin in a diagonal direction can make the cheekbones more prominent, Made Young lifts the sagging skin in a vertical direction and adjusts the pulling direction and force according to the sagging.


Various anchor point positions

A stronger retention force can be created by strongly pulling up the sagging retaining ligaments through thread lifting and then firmly fixing them at the fixing points.

“Three-dimensional design”

Madeyoung allows for a three-dimensional design by having various fixation points depending on the area and symptoms rather than a uniform fixation position.


Madeyoung thread lifting is performed directly by a plastic surgeon.

skin elasticity
wrinkle improvement
Madeyoung Thread Lifting is performed by a plastic surgeon specializing in lifting directly after diagnosis, so you can experience natural facial expressions and a long maintenance period after the procedure.
Which thread type is right for me?

Types of lifting threads depending on the area of ​​concern

mint lift

360-degree 3D three-dimensional protrusion mint thread

Safe invasive facial tissue fixation thread

Strong lifting and holding power with three-dimensional protrusions

Approved by the U.S. FDA and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Silhouette soft

Long-lasting, natural silhouette soft

Special medical thread made of PLA that decomposes in the body

Cone-shaped threads reorganize the skin layer

Increases skin volume by producing collagen

The hospital with the highest usage of Silhouette Soft in the country!

Lifting is of course Made Young Plastic Surgery.


The hospital with the highest usage of Silhouette Soft in the country!

Safely treat only genuine products based on professional technology and skilled clinical experience


A hospital designated as a specialized care center!

Maid Young Plastic Surgery has been designated as a specialized care center in recognition of its expertise in Silhouette Soft procedures based on its abundant clinical experience and scientific knowledge.