Made Young Face Contouring

Metal-free V-Line Surgery


No metal, no plates, no screws.


Dual fracture excisions reduce dimensions by more than 1cm for a significant effect.


Chin tip lifting effectively prevents drooping.

Why Choose Made Young Metal-Free V-Line Surgery?

Benefit 01

Metal-free face contouring.

Benefit 02

Shorten and narrow the chin by over 1cm with dual excisions.

Benefit 03

Chin tip lifting without sagging post-surgery.

Benefit 04

No concerns regarding nerve damage.

After fixing with screws.

After metal-free V-line surgery.

Our Metal-Free V-Line Surgery requires no screw fixation.

Length reduction, width reduction, and asymmetry correction are all possible without the use of meta plates or screws.

Metal-free V-line SURGERY

Long / Wide / Asymmetrical / Sloping

We deliver highly satisfying results by sculpting various jaw shapes into ideal lines and proportions.

Case 1 (FRONT)


Long Chin

Case 1 (side)


Long Chin

Case 2


Wide Chin

Case 3


Chin/Facial Asymmetry

V-Line Surgery: Less Doesn’t Always Mean More

1. Before surgery.

2. Reduction in chin length.

3. Chin tip lifting.

4. Natural jaw line achieved.

The shape of the chin tip plays a pivotal role in the overall harmony and beauty of the face.

surgery time
About four hours.
general anesthesia.
Same-day discharge.
Stitch removal
After five days
recovery period
About one week.
Customized surgery, not a one-size-fits all approach.

We Specialize in Face Contouring

“Facial contouring isn’t just about shaving bones; it’s a complex procedure that demands analysis of facial structure, soft tissues, nerve lines, and fat thickness, followed by a tailored surgical approach.

At Made Young, we believe screw fixation should be used minimally and only when necessary. We don’t rely on a single technique; instead, we offer personalized treatments with surgical methods tailored to each individual’s facial structure.”

Director Seo Beom-shin

Face Contouring and Plastic Surgery Specialist

Considering beauty and safety

3D-CT Precise Analysis System

Through precise 3D-CT analysis before surgery, the size, thickness, length, and location of nerve lines in the facial bones are precisely analyzed to produce more complete surgical results.


3D-CT Stereoscopic Precision Analysis

Precise analysis of the location of facial bones and nerve lines.


Safe and Accurate Surgical Plan

Predict postoperative results and establish an accurate surgical plan.


Post-Surgery CT Analysis

CT scan after surgery to analyze results and confirm a successful surgery.